Timeshift provides listeners with a window of recorded content. Shift is the amount of time behind the present that the recorded content starts. Depth is the amount of time prior to the shift that’s available to listeners.

Example Syntax:


For example, http://sgrewind.streamguys1.com/wnycfm/wnycfm.aac/playlist_dvr_timeshift-60-60.m3u8 would play from 1 minute ago with 1 minute of rewind buffer. If you wanted to shift to a specific number of seconds ago with no buffer and start right at that moment, you would do a request like http://sgrewind.streamguys1.com/wnycfm/wnycfm.aac/playlist_dvr_timeshift-60-0.m3u8 .


Clicking the 'Rewind 60 Seconds' button in the player above while a live source is playing will rewind the stream using a Timeshift url.

Time Ranges

Time ranges allow playback of a specific time period by providing the UTC epoch time and duration in seconds of the playback fragment you'd like the listener to hear. “now” can be used in the duration field to set continuous playback. Note: This example uses a 2 week DVR buffer. Epoch timestamps older than 2 weeks will not work. Oldest available time + epoch:

Example Syntax:


For example, http://sgrewind.streamguys1.com/wnycfm/wnycfm.aac/playlist_dvr_range-1542052800-3600.m3u8 would start on November 12th, at 3pm EST and continue till 4pm EST.


Clicking any of the top of the hour program listings in the player above will play back that specific program using a Time Range url.

Offset Override

If you would like the returned HLS stream to include the "#EXT-X-START:TIME-OFFSET=0" directive, you can add "_offset-0" to the end of the tune in URL to receive this. This directive is honored by many HLS players to ensure playback starts at the first HLS segment returned. Many HLS players will choose some arbitrary percentage into a live HLS manifest to begin their playback. Adding this directive may ensure your player begins at the very beginning of the provided content.

For example, http://sgrewind.streamguys1.com/wnycfm/wnycfm.aac/playlist_dvr_range-1542052800-3600_offset-0.m3u8

Back to Live

Click the "LIVE" button on the control bar in the player above to return to the live stream.